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Success Stories


At Somerdale Spine & Rehab, nothing means more to us than the personal achievements and kind words of our patients. If you’ve experienced success in your own life through the help of Chiro One’s chiropractic services, we hope you’ll take a moment to share your story with us.

Click the button to enter your information into our online form. We just might use your story to help others understand the healing potential of holistic comprehensive care and its vital role in whole-body wellness.



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Patient #1

Back Pain

"Since starting care, my back pain in minimum and quite manageable… I can move and function so much better than before."

Patient #2

Back & Hip Pain

"Chiropractic is helping me to manage my back and neck pain. Before trying chiropractic, I’d tried steroid injections, pain pills and lying on my back to alleviate the pain."